About Us

We are Jeremy and Amanda Jackson…

Our Story…
is a story of adventure and romance. We were high school sweethearts (ok she was a senior in high school and I was a freshman in college…it still counts!) who would find time between the textbooks and classes to drive to the middle of a field or an abandoned one-room school house to photograph whatever we could find and just document the fun we had together. At some point along the line we began to photograph people and then that led to our first wedding. We were enthralled by the joy and excitement of a wedding day. It was intoxicating! And then it began to develop…our understanding of what it was that we were doing. We were telling the stories of the priceless moments that happen within the bat of an eyelash or the flash of a grin across a totally smitten young man’s face. It’s those types of moments that make what we do totally worth it. We both have a passion for documenting people’s stories in a genuine and timeless way. When we were looking for a photographer for our own wedding day, our main desire was that 50 years from now we can look through the images from our wedding and be whisked back to those special moments and the emotions that went with them. Because after all of the decorations are taken down and the flowers have wilted, it is those precious photos that preserve memories for years and generations to come.

(above image is by our wonderful wedding photographer, Ben Miller)


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